International business transactions have been so secure and efficient. Payoneer makes it quick and easy for you to bill and get paid in multiple currencies from the Global market or client. Having a Payoneer account opens your business to different universal opportunities. When you sign up for a Payoneer account, you can make international payments, receive funds, manage your digital business, and also access capital. Besides, the Payoneer Sign Up process is fast, easy and you don’t need to pay a dime. Immediately, you sign up with Payoneer, you will automatically get a Multi-Currency account for your digital business.

Payoneer Sign Up - Create a Payoneer Account | Payoneer

Payoneer Connects the world on a single platform and makes it easier to do business globally as it is locally. Whether you are an Affiliate Marketer, Online Seller, Freelancer or SMB, or Vacation Rental Host, you can sign up for an account with Payoneer. Even if you run your own personal business and you need a Payoneer account, you can also sign up for an account with the platform. Payoneer empowers your business and makes it stress-free for you to bill your client. Perform an international transaction and also receive funds without hassle.

Is Creating a Payoneer Account Worth it?

Yes, creating a Payoneer account is definitely worth it especially if you need to make or receive payment internationally. And like I earlier mentioned it is totally free to create a Payoneer account, you will only be charged fees based on the services you use. They provide their customers with low fees and no hidden costs. Whether you run a large-scale business or a small-scale business, you can sign up for an account with Payoneer. Moreover, everyone needs a safe and secure payment platform for their digital business, and here is where Payoneer comes in again. One of the highest priorities of Payoneer is to create and maintain a secure environment so you can access and manage your account and manage your financial transaction with maximum peace of mind. 

When you sign up for an account with Payoneer, you will open your business to loads and loads of opportunities. You don’t even need to maintain a minimum balance to hold a Payoneer account; in simple terms keeping your account is Free.

Tips to Successfully Sign Up for a Payoneer Account

Before I should some easy and simple steps to sign up for an account with Payoneer, I will like to share some helpful tips you will need. These tips will help you to successfully create your Payoneer account without any hassle or stress.  Below are the Tips, you will need to consider to successfully sign up for a Payoneer account;

  • Select Individual account if your company is not registered
  • If your business is registered, choose Company
  • You will be sent an email after completing your registration for additional documentation and information.
  • Enter your Name correctly if you’re signing up for an individual account
  • And if need a company account, enter the correct name of your company
  • You will be asked to provide an email and the email you enter will be your username. At the end of the sign up you will be asked to verify your email
  •  In the address field, enter your correct residential address if you need an individual account
  • Enter your official company addresses and not a post office box
  • During the Payoneer sign up process, your valid phone number will be needed
  • You will need to provide a security question. This will help to verified your account and also help when trying to reset your password
  • During the sign-up process, you will need to provide a Valid ID. This will help the platform to confirm all your information. Note; an expired ID will lead to application rejection

Finally, you will need to add your valid bank account details.  If you don’t enter a valid or accurate bank detail, your payment or withdrawal will be rejected.

How to Create a Payoneer Account

Just like I earlier stated, creating a Payoneer account is totally free and very easy to go about. You will only need to enter some of your valid information and credential and your application will be accepted. Just go through the tips above to successfully create an account. Below are steps to follow to sign up for an account with Payoneer;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Payoneer
  • On the homepage, tap on Register
  • Select account e.g., Freelancer or SMB, Online Seller, Affiliate Marketer, Vacation Rental Host
  • Or Select an Individual Account
  • Now select what you want to use the account for e.g., Get paid by international clients or market place
  • Tap on Register on the next page

Finally, tap on Individual if your business is not registered and fill in all the necessary information. And if your company is registered, tap on the company and also enter all the necessary information and details.