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Users can carry out PayPal login process in other to access a PayPal account. With the PayPal account, users can transfer money in seconds, with just an email address. Logging into PayPal is easy and secure. PayPal, as one of the largest online payment services, provides to its user’s avenues of sending and receiving money on different platforms.

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It offers a secure way of sending funds thru its main outlet which is its website, which contains a users account settings and information. Here, we take you thru the various mediums you can use to login to your PayPal account securely.

PayPal Login Process On The PayPal Website

Log in to the PayPal account, through the PayPal website. This means that users can use the PayPal’s website to access their account. Users can use the following steps to carry out the PayPal login process on the PayPal website.

  1. Open the website www.paypal.com on a device web browser.
  2. Tap the Log in button on the homepage.
  3. Enter the required details.
  4. Tap the sign in button to complete the login process.
  5. At other times, users need to tap “Proceed to Account Overview”, on an ad page, to get to their account.

Immediately, the user is logged in, they can send, or request money, check their history, and change account settings. This site, also hosts a message board, for getting help, from other users. Although, it is advised, that users make the PayPal website, their first stop when you desire to log in, as this offers more features than any of PayPal’s other sites.

Login Using the PayPal Mobile Site

Before you log in to a PayPal, using the mobile site. Users are to note the mobile version of PayPal’s site, has similar features, as the full site. Even though, not all of the content is formatted to fit in mobile screens. Users can always carry oyt the PayPal login process with the below steps.

  1. Open the website www.paypal.com on a mobile device’s web browser. You will be automatically directed to the correct version for your device.
  2. Tap the login button on the homepage.
  3. Enter the email address and click next.
  4. Input the Paypal account’s password.
  5. Tap the Login button to complete the PayPal login process.

After all the above step the user will carry ou the PayPal login process successfully. Once the user has access to their PayPal account they will be able to utilize the services of PayPal on their mobile device.

Login Using PayPal App

With the PayPal app, users can Login using their cell phone number and a PIN, other than their email address, and password. To Login, users have to activate their mobile device on PayPal’s desktop website.

Login Through Other Sites

Online stores, who accept PayPal payments, including eBay, attach a PayPal login page as part of the check out process. Once a user logs in, they’ll pick a payment source, and a shipping address, thereafter, their browser navigates back to the store’s checkout page. These payments can be followed up on later, by logging into PayPal’s site directly. Your account shows your entire history, no matter how you send the payments.

Users are to note that when they are paying with PayPal on another site. They have to be sure, their browser’s address bar, displays PayPal’s URL, beginning with https, before they log in, to avoid giving up their account information by other malicious sites. There, users can now log in to their PayPal account, from any site they wish to, it is easy and secure.