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Being one of the most famous virtual and content sharing websites, Pinterest is slowly but steadily churning in lots and lots of users on a daily basis. Whether you are a fun-loving person or you are a very serious person who has a core profession like a pilot or a doctor or even a building engineer, there are loads of things you can gain from accessing Pinterest. The Pinterest login is just a simple gateway for users to gain access into the wide range of features Pinterest has got to offer.

Pinterest Login - Pinterest Login With Email Only

With Pinterest login you rest assured that you can gain and also share great Pinterest images with fellow users who follow you or those you follow. There is a limitation to what you can get on Pinterest. All you need to do is just carry out the Pinterest login and the window of possibilities will be flung wide open.

Prerequisite to Pinterest Login

As has been mentioned earlier, the Pinterest login is the official way you can gain access into your Pinterest profile and be able to enjoy the full features peculiar to Pinterest. However before you can log into your Pinterest account, you must have done a Pinterest sign up. To carry out the Pinterest sign up, you don’t need too much.

All you need is to create an email which you will use to get a username and password for access to an account. In the case where you do not want to give an email to create Pinterest account, you can also use your existing Facebook account details or your existing Twitter account.

How to Carry Out Pinterest Login

The Pinterest login process can be done in 3 ways namely: With a new email, with your existing Facebook account details, or with your existing twitter account details.

Pinterest Login With New Email Only

To login to your Pinterest account using the email, the procedure involves you to have created an email at the point if Pinterest sign up. A confirmation link will be sent to the email address you provide. All you need to do is go to the inbox of that email address and click on that link. This will take you to your page where you can now choose a username and a password. You will be altered if the username you chose is available or not. The next time you intend to login, all you need to do is just go to the login page. Provide your username and password an then you will gain access to your account.

Pinterest Login With Facebook Account Details.

To login to your Pinterest account using your existing Facebook account details, follow these steps below.

  • Visit www.pinterest.com and click on the enter icon.
  • A sign up page will pop up. Below it, you will find “log in”. Click on login.
  • You will see 3 options: “login with Facebook”, “login with twitter”, and login.
  • Click on “login with Facebook”
  • Another page will pop up taking you to a Facebook log in portal.
  • Enter your Facebook username.
  • Enter your Facebook password.
  • If correct, another page will pop up with the question continue with [Your Facebook first name].
  • Click on it.

At this point, you will be directed straight to your Pinterest profile page where you can continue.

Pinterest Login With Twitter Account Details.

The process of logging in to your Pinterest account using your existing Twitter account details. It is similar to you logging in to your account using your existing Facebook account details. You also need to log into your twitter account and click on continue as [your twitter handle].

The advantages of using either your existing twitter account details. Or your existing Facebook account details is that you will not need to start building your followers. Pinterest will automatically connect your Facebook friends or Twitter users who are on Pinterest to you.

Benefits of Pinterest Login

By carrying out a successful Pinterest login, you will enjoy the following benefits.

  1. Gain access to your unique Pinterest profile.
  2. Be able to pin images to your board(s).
  3. Following other users, you can gain from.
  4. Ability to pins and pinboards to other users who had followed you back.
  5. Access send and receive image-based messages and text-based messages to your Pinterest followers.
  6. The wide range of image collections on Pinterest as a whole and those ones saved on other users’ profile will be at your beck and call at any time.