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It is a general knowledge that getting into something feels more difficult than getting out of the thing. In other words, logging into an accounts takes more time than logging out of the account. The same is true for Pinterest. The time you will expend in carrying a Pinterest sign-up. Or Pinterest log in is nothing compared to the time you will spend in Pinterest logout. This suffices to say that the Pinterest logout seems to be the raises of the operations around Pinterest. All you need to do is make sure that you are currently logged in to your Pinterest account. You can not log out of a system where you aren’t logged into in the first place.

Pinterest Logout - How to Logout From Pinterest Account

Benefits of Pinterest Logout

Owing to the fact that Pinterest is majorly used for the compilation of relevant images that can help make a certain project a successful one, it is only sensible to keep such collections as private as possible. For example, a wedding planner can use the Pinterest explore feature to pin lots of relevant images to her board named, say ‘Mark and Jane’s wedding. What such wedding planner desire is to pin as many wedding settings, bridal chairs, hall decorations, and sitting arrangements as possible that will make Mark and Jane’s wedding a unique one.

It is only wise for such wedding planner to keep such pin board as secure as possible. You don’t want to start seeing your ideas all around the place before the event itself. In this case it is advisable for such Pinterest user (the wedding planner) to do a Pinterest logout immediately he or she is done pinning as many images to her pin board. It feels good to know that your job is safe with you and not flying everywhere even before you release it to your client.

In Summary The Benefits of Pinterest Logout are Listed Below
  1. Contents on the user’s board and profile are safe.
  2. Prevention of third-party encroachment without your consent.
  3. Unwanted content can not be placed on your profile or pinboard when you are not around.
  4. Only the users you are following can access some important and private pinboards. By logging out you will be sure that anyone else can not access these images.

Pinterest Logout Steps

The Pinterest logout page is where you can sign out of Pinterest. Carrying out the Pinterest logout procedure is not difficult at all. In fact of all the operations of Sign up, log in and logout, the Pinterest logout is the easiest and fastest. All you just have to be sure of is the fact that you are currently logged in to your account at the time. The guide to Pinterest logout are hereby highlighted below;

  • After logging in to your Pinterest account via pinterest.com, confirm that you are still logged in.
  • At the top right corner of your Pinterest home page, look for the settings icon.
  • Click on the settings icon. A drop-down will pop up.
  • Follow through to the last item on the settings.
  • Click on “Log out”

You have successfully logged out of your Pinterest account. No access is granted to this account until you decide to carry out the Pinterest log-in process.

If you are using your personal computer, then there is actually no need to always log out when you are done with Pinterest, provided you are the only one using your computer. But in the situation where you use a third-party computer or mobile device, always remember to do a Pinterest logout immediately you are done using the device. This is your biggest security to keep all your contents (pin and board) safe.