Protonmail is an end-to-end encrypted email service provider that uses client-side encryption to protect email content but you need an account to login. However, unlike other email providers such as Gmail and Outlook Protonmail get user data from their Protonmail server. Also, every user has the ability to login to the platform but you need to create an account first. The platform is widely known for the easy and well secure way to send emails privately and anonymously with the help of the encrypted means which only you could access.

Protonmail Login - Protonmail Account Login

Protonmail Login doesn’t offer IMAP or POP access and users cannot send emails using your Protonmail address via SMTP. However, you need to create a username and password before having access to the Protonmail login. Also, users get to enjoy most of the platform email for free unless you need some advanced features. Then you need to apply for the Protonmail Premium. Users can create an account for free on the platform and still get to send and receive messages on the platform. Which is still protected even though the user is not using the Protonmail premium plans.

How to Login to Protonmail

to login to your Protonmail account means you have created a registered username and password with the platform which is very easy and simple. However, Protonmail login gives users and end-end encrypt emails to send encrypt mails to none protonmail users. Also, the platform is an improved web interface with drag and drop messages, contacts manager, authentication logs and more. Protonmail login could be done on the Protonmail Mobile App which is available on every app store. Here are a few steps on how to Login to Protonmail;

  • Launch any web browser on either your mobile phone or PC.
  • Go to the official website 
  • At the homepage select on Sign in which will require you to produce the registered email address and password.
  • Input these details and click on Sign in.

Is Protonmail Safe

The purpose of most email providers is to secure every user on the platform such as Protonmail which you can create a Free secure email account. However, Proton login then now allows you to enjoy the benefits of encrypted communications without reply limits. Also, Protonmail users are automatically encrypt without the need for a message password. Secure messages are emails that are safe. With end-to-end encryption and require a message password to read.

Protonmail is a platform that is completely open-source with a public key export to send to other PGP users and to verify messages manually. However, Protonmail login gives the user enough advantage to send and check unread messages.