Reports have made it known that only a quite number of QQMail users find it convenient and easy to login to their account. QQMail login has been a major challenge to the vast majority of users of this mail service due to the straightforward fact that it is Chinese mail. Although Chinese has a very large audience in the world, it is only spoken in few countries of the world. Unlike English that has a very large audience and at the same time spoken in numerous countries. Thus, this article is aimed at how to login to your QQMail account.

QQMail Login - Sign in to Your QQ Account | QQMail Login English

Just like other email services, QQMail also has its own login page. As a registered user of QQMail, you can make use of the login page to access your account anytime and anywhere and compose, send and receive emails from friends and families. The QQMail login page is unique in such a way that it is specially created for all QQMail users. In other words, if you have not signed up for an account with QQMail, you cannot make use of the QQMail login page. Only those that have an account can sign in to their account. Hence, the QQMail login process serves as an examination to all QQMail users. To learn how to login to your account, check the section below.

QQMail Login

In the meantime, you can login to QQMail in two ways. You can login sign in to your account either via the website or the QQMail app for mobile devices. QQMail uses your login ID to sign you into your account. When you create an account, you’re provided with a login ID which is your username and password. Here, we’ll be showing you how to login to your account on the app and via the website.

To Sign in Via the App

Mind you, the QQMail app is only compatible with mobile devices. If you own any mobile device [Android or iOS], you can download the app from Google Play and App Store respectively. Having downloaded the app, you can sign in using the guidelines below;

  • Launch the QQMail app on your mobile device.
  • Enter your QQMail username on the first field.
  • Then enter your login password on the second field.
  • Lastly, tap the blue button below.

Before you know it, you are already in your QQMail inbox.

To Sign in Via the Web

Likewise, you can also sign in to your QQMail account via a web browser. You can sign in via the web on mobile devices and desktops. But for a wider screen, it is advisable to sign on a desktop. One advantage of the website over the QQMail website over the app is that you can translate the login page to English. Therefore, if you want to login to QQMail in English, you should login using the web version.

  • Visit the QQMail login page on your desktop browser.
  • You will see the sign in page at the left side on your screen.
  • Proceed to sign in by entering your QQ email address or mobile number on the first field.
  • Then enter your QQ password on the next field.
  • Finally, click on the Sign in button.

At once, you will be taken to your QQMail inbox should your sign-in credentials be correct. However, you can stay automatically logged in on your desktop by ticking the Remember Me box.

QQMail Login Problems

Complications may arise in which you are unable to access your QQMail account. QQMail login problems can be caused by several things. The first and the common of all is the wrong password. If you have entered the wrong password while logging in, difficulty in accessing your account becomes inevitable. In that situation, you should click on the Forgot Password link on the login page. Then follow the on-screen instructions to reset your account. Other problems include browser problems, issues with an internet connection, or QQMail server down.