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Research has shown that Games are one of the fundamental ways that humans interact and learn. Games can help enhance the skills and abilities of people especially the younger adult by challenging their spirit and intellect. One of the world’s best online gaming platforms that provides its users access to playing millions of entertaining and interesting games created by other users of the platform is Roblox.  Roblox or Rblx stands out to be an online gaming and game creation platform. The platform allows users to create multiple games ranging from different genres. These games can be played by other users of the platform at little or no cost. However, it is worthy to note that; the CEO of Robloxcom is a Canadian engineer and inventor whose name is David Baszucki but is known as Builderman on Twitter.

Roblox - Create Games And Share Experiences on Roblox.com | Roblox Studio

Meanwhile, Roblox can be accessed on almost all your devices as the application is available for android, iOS, PC, Mac, Amazon Devices, Xbox One, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive. The platform provides its users access to create, imagine and have fun with friends by exploring its millions of immersive 3D experiences. Roblox is popularly known as the number one most innovative gaming company in the world. It is the ultimate virtual universe to create your own games, and get the best gaming experience. RBLX offers both freemium plans to their member but you can Sign Up for an account without paying a dime. Once you purchase a Premium plan Roblox, you will get a Gift card. The Gift Card comes in two forms which are Robux and Credit and each gift card can be redeemed when you login into your account.

Roblox Games

You will find millions of entertaining and interesting games to play on the Platform. You can play these games using your computer, Android, iOS, and many other devices compatible with Roblox. Some of the most popular games available on the site include;


Roblox Sign Up

As mentioned earlier, you will need to sign Up for a free account with Roblox.com. The sign is quite easy and simple to understand. You can either sign Up for an account using the Roblox app or via your device web browser right from its official website. Here are steps and guidelines to follow to create your own account;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Roblox
  • On the homepage, you will find the sign-Up page
  • Enter your Date of birth details
  • Input your Username
  • Create a Strong Password
  • Select your gender

Lastly, click on SIGN UP and you will be asked to confirm your humanity by completing the test. This will redirect you to the homepage. There you can start creating or discovering games to play for free.

Roblox sign in

If you already have an account with Robloxcom you can sign in or login to your account using the mobile app or via your computer and across all the devices compatible with the service.  Follow the steps and guidelines;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of Roblox.com
  • On the homepage, you find the Login icon
  • Click on it to be redirected to the sign in page
  • Enter your Username
  • Also, enter your Password
  • Then, tap on Log in

Should your Login Roblox Login credentials be correct, you will immediately be logged in to your account. Note that; you can also Login to your account on another device using the Quick Login feature. Simply, open the login page on a new device, copy the code and then go back to your logged-in device. Enter the code and follow the prompt to access your account.

Roblox Studio

Roblox.com or Rblx as mentioned earlier, its users create their own online game. But these games can only be created using the Robloxcom Studio. The application can be downloaded and installed on your windows and Mac operating systems for free. In order to create your own unique games on the platform, follow the steps and guidelines below to install and download the Roblox studio application into your device;

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website of www Roblox com
  • On the homepage, sign Up or sign in to your account
  • Once your logged in to your account
  • Click on create to be redirected to another page
  • Tap on start creating on the next page
  • Click on Download Studio and the app will immediately start downloading into your device

Once downloaded, click on Allow Roblox Run on your device and the application will start installing on your device.  Note that; the installation process will take a few minutes. So, make sure to be patient thought out this process. When the installation process is completed, click to open the app. After that, login or Sign Up for an account.  After you have gained access to your account, you can proceed to start creating your own games using the studio.

How to Play Free Online Games on Roblox

In this part of the article, we will be showing you steps and guidelines to follow to Play free online games on the platform.  You can play and discover numerous games to play online from Roblox.com using your computer or Mobile device. However, will be showing you steps and guidelines to play using your PC we browser. Here are the step and guidelines to follow;

  • Open your device Window or Mac Web Browser
  • Visit the official website of Roblox
  • Sign in or Sign Up for an account with the platform
  • Once you have successfully gain access to your account
  • Click on Discover and you will be provided with different games to select from
  • Select a free game to play and tap on it once found
  • On the nextpage, click on PLAY and wait for the page to load
  • A pop up will be displayed on your screen

After the Roblox Player.exe has successfully been downloaded on your device. Allow the application to run on your device to begin the installation process. Note that; it will also take a while for the player to install on your device but after the installation process has been completed. Simply tap on JOIN to start playing the selected game on your Windows PC or Mac