Are you looking for a source of earning that you can use to promote your business? If you are, then today’s article is for you. I will be discussing Shopify Partners and all you need to know about it. What are Shopify partners? Shopify partners are active members of the Shopify partner program. This program, enables business owners to earn money by suggesting Shopify to others. Designing themes and apps, or posting Shopify affiliate links on their website. Shopify agency partners play a crucial role in introducing new merchants to the Shopify platform and also helps to manage their businesses.

Shopify Partners - Create a Shopify Partner Account | Shopify Affiliate Program

Additionally, Shopify partners are given multiple ways to make or generate revenue needed for funding and promoting their businesses. However, to have a partner” status” you must have entered into a binding contract with Shopify. Meanwhile, as a Shopify partner you must carry out some certain activities. These activities range from setting up a development store, generating affiliate referrals and also developing Shopify apps. It is worthy to note that, all the activities come with its own exclusive commission and earning to grow your business. Moreover, the Walmart platform is in partnership with Shopify and so you can sell your products on the Shopify Walmart.

Benefits of Shopify Partners

Briefly, Shopify is one of the biggest ecommerce online platform for all businesses. Becoming a Shopify partner comes with lot of benefits, and here some of the benefits of Shopify partners:

  • Free training courses, which will help to improve your understanding of Shopify and have a better business performance.
  • It allows you can apply for the Shopify Affiliate program.
  • Shopify partners are entitled to receive discounts on product design, project management, and services.
  • Partners are offered online training and certification programs to strengthen their businesses.

Finally, Shopify partners have unlimited test stores. It helps them understand the Shopify platform better and the product been offered to new customers. All these amazing benefits and even more, are only accessible to Shopify partners.

How to Create a Partner Account on Shopify

Meanwhile, creating a partner account on Shopify is easy. It doesn’t require paying any start up or subscription fee. Here are the steps to create a Shopify partner account:

  • Access the Shopify Partner program website on your device.
  • Enter your active Email address and click the “Join now” button.
  • Impute your correct details
  • Create a strong password and click on the create account button
  • Verify your email address
  • Shopify will now take you to your account.
  • Select Shopify partner and click on create new partner.
  • Input your correct and complete details

Finally, say Hello to your Shopify dashboard. In the dashboard area, you will see get started. Apply to the various Shopify partners program listed there. Choose the ones suitable for you by tapping on the Apply now. Then you will be required to fill a short form. Indicating your reasons for enrolling in such a program and why you should be accepted. However, in some cases, you might not be accepted. But you can enroll in the Shopify partner Academy courses to become an expert.