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Facebook sign-up, opens you up to a world, where you have the power to share and connect with millions of people all over the globe. As Facebook Sign up is the act of creating a Facebook account. A user needs to make use of the signup features to get their account up. The process of Facebook sign-up has been simplified. This is to enable people from all over the globe to connect to the Facebook media platform and find friends they can share and connect with.

Sign Up Facebook - Create A Facebook Account | Fb Sign Up

With over 2 billion people on the Facebook platform, it goes to say that Facebook is the no 1 social media platform. This platform plays hosts to billions of people and businesses, who use this platform to expand the reach of their personal and business profile. Facebook sign up grants you access to the following benefits;

Benefits To Sign Up Facebook

  • Facebook sign up, connects you with millions of people, all over the globe
  • You can interact, chat, update a status, comment like, and share
  • Acts as a fast-medium of information update
  • You can easily share information
  • Facebook sign up allows for registration of account on many other websites, forums
  • Your business gets exposed to your potential audience, as you advertise, and ultimately get traffic to your website
  • You can easily trace, and connect with long-lost friends and family members.

These are some of the benefits of signing up for an account on this great platform. Once you have successfully created an account then you can make use of all the services and get to meet other users on Facebook.

How Do I Create A Facebook Account

Before you begin with Facebook sign up for the process. Note that you must be at least 13 years of age in other to sign up for an account. Creating a Facebook account is very easy. Simply do that using the steps below;

  • The first step to achieving this, is to, proceed to the Facebook website. Once here, you will locate the “sign up” page, enter your information, into the boxes provided.
  • At this stage, Facebook will send an email to the email address you supplied. Facebook does this to confirm the authenticity of the email you have given. Tap on the button, to have your account confirmed. You may also be prompted to type in the numeric confirmation code, that has been provided.
  • In this next stage, your profile will be opened on Facebook and you will be asked some questions. They are as follows;
  • People that Facebook thinks you may know will be suggested. To add any of these persons to your friend’s list, tap on the “Add friend tab” to send a friend request to them.
  • Next, you are given the option to connect with people in your email address book and contacts.
  • The next page prompts you to know your privacy settings
  • Thereafter, you will be required to add a profile photo. This can be done, either by choosing a photo from your archive or taking a photo.

Once all these are done, your new Facebook account page will open up. There, you’ve just signed up on the world’s biggest social media platform. You can now start connecting with friends, family, and business associates, and bring your world closer to you.