How can I create a Skype ID or how can I login or what does Skype ID means? These are some of the frequent questions asked by Skype users. Skype as known is one of Microsoft products and can be used in different aspects of communication. With Skype, you can chat, send texts, and make free HD video and voice calls anywhere in the world. In recent times, Skype has really helped to make communication easier. Besides, it has file transfer, debt-based calls to landline and mobile telephones, and several other features. One good thing about Skype is that it is compatible with several devices. It is available on various desktop, mobile devices, and video game console platforms. However, to enjoy all these features and services, you need to have to Skype ID. This means you must have a Skype account.

Skype ID - Create A Skype ID | Skype ID Login

Your Skype ID is the key to access your Skype account either via the Skype website or via the Skype app. As soon as you sign for Skype, you will be provided with a login ID which is a username and password. So, anytime you want to access your Skype account, your Skype is what gives you access to your account. Therefore, the Skype ID is only for those who have signed up for Skype or those that already have a Microsoft account. If you have not signed up for Skype, but have created a Microsoft account. You don’t have to bother yourself with creating a Skype account. Since Skype is a Microsoft product, you can use your Microsoft login ID to sign in to Skype and other Microsoft products.

How to Create a Skype ID | Skype ID Creation

Having read the first two paragraphs of this article, you may want to create a Skype probably if you don’t have one. In the meantime, you can create a Skype ID on desktop and mobile devices. On a desktop, you can sign up for Skype via the website or the desktop app. Hence, we’ll be showing you how to sign up for an account on desktop and mobile devices.

To Create an Account on Desktop

  • Visit on your web browser or download the Skype app for desktop.
  • Click ‘’Sign in’’ at the top of the homepage and select ‘’Sign up’’ from the dropdown menu.
  • Then enter your phone number and tap the Next button. You can use your email instead.
  • Create your login password on the next page and click ‘’Next’’.
  • Enter you first and last name and tap ‘’Next’’.

If prompted, solve the CAPTCHA to verify your humanity. In few seconds, your Skype account will be created and you can start enjoying Skype on your desktop/computer.

To Create an Account Via the App

If you own a mobile device, you can also create your own Skype ID by downloading the Skype app for Android and iOS. You can download the Skype app by visiting the respective App Store of your mobile device and install or get it. Once you’ve downloaded the app;

  • Launch the Skype app on your mobile device.
  • Tap Let’s go then click ‘’Sign in or create’’.
  • The sign in page will appear. Since you’re new to Skype, you should tap ‘’No account? Create one’’ under the username field.

Follow the on-screen instructions to create your Skype account on your mobile device. Voila! You now have a Skype account. You can start communicating with other Skype users from anywhere in the world.

Skype ID Login

Nevertheless, if you have already signed up for Skype, you can login to your Skype account using your login ID. Your Skype login ID is simply your username and password. Logging in to your account is pretty easy using these few simple steps;

  • Visit the Skype website on your device or open the Skype app.
  • Tap ‘’Sign in’’ at the top of the homepage and select ‘’My Account’’ from the option displayed.
  • Enter your Skype username on the field provided and tap Next.
  • Input your login password on the next page and tap Next.

if your login details are correct, Skype will sign in to your account and you can get the most out of Skype by using its wide range of features and products. With this article, I hope you now understand what Skype ID means.