On the contrary, Solaris platinum Credit Card is issued by the Kotak Mahindra Bank which comes with amazing bonuses, rewards and benefits to cardholders. If you have this card, you will be offered Airline tickets, Air miles, Movies tickets Mobile recharge and Branded merchandise. However, if you have this Solaris platinum Credit Card, no annual fee or card usage fee. Also, when you make transactions, the card helps you save your money in the sense that it has no transaction fee attached to it.

Solaris Platinum Credit Card - Benefit of Solaris Platinum Credit Card | Kotak Solaris Platinum Credit Card Login

Furthermore, if you have this card, you will be notified whenever your account is logged in in an unusual device. However, purchasing items using your Solaris platinum Credit Card has now been very easy in the sense that, no need to find a store near you before you can get an item. Instead, you can use your Solaris platinum Card to purchase an item online. Meanwhile, if you have this Solaris platinum Card, it has a lot of benefits for you.

Eligibility Criteria for the Solaris Platinum Card Application

However, if you want to apply for the Solaris platinum Credit Card, there are some requirement you must have before you can apply. However, the requirements are:

  • Income Eligibility – should be 5Lakh and above.
  • You must be at least 18 years old and above.
  • You must reside or be a citizen of Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Navi and Pune.
  • Your income should be at least Rs.5 Lakhs and above per annum.
  • The last is that, you must be a citizen of India

However, with these requirements that are listed above, it is clearly shown that, you can’t apply for the card if you are not a citizen of India.

Benefits of Solaris Platinum Credit Card

However, if you have these card, there are some benefits for you. Aside from no fee charges, the benefits alone will make you enjoy the card the more. However, the benefits you will come across while using the card are:

  • Visit the Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd application page
  • Fill out some details of you like: Names, Mobile Number, Email, City
  • Fill out your CRN. It’s optional.
  • Click on the “Apply Now” button

After you click on the button, then your account is successfully created.

How Do I Activate my Solaris Platinum Credit Card?

However, if you are done a=with the application, activating the card is very easy, all you have to do it to:

  • Visit Kotak bank website which domain name is Kotak.com.
  • Login to your account by clicking on the “Sign In’ button by the top right corner of the page.
  • After you login in, Click on Credit Card activation and you will be asked to enter your 6-digits chip credit card PIN and click on the submit button.

After that, follow the on-screen guides to finish activating your Solaris platinum reward Card.

Solaris Platinum Credit Card Login

Login helps you gain access to your Solaris platinum Credit Card account. However, some easy stenos on how to login to the Solaris platinum account will be listed below:

  • Visit the Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd homepage
  • Enter your CRN or Customer ID or Nickname and password
  • Click on the Login button below

After you click on the login button, then you will now gain access to your account. And if you are having issues on logging in to your account. You can contact their customer care by calling their numbers listed on the Kotak’s website.