SoundCloud is a music website that gives users access to download, upload share and comment on other people’s music. To download music on the SoundCloud music downloading website, users are required to create an account on the website sign up page which enables users to go through the process of log in SoundCloud. In other words, Without creating an account with the website, users will be unable to log in to SoundCloud to download on the website. However, users will just be able to share and review other people’s music on SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Sign in - Log in SoundCloud Account | SoundCloud Sign in Page

Furthermore, SoundCloud Sign in page is an authenticated platform where users can log in SoundCloud Account via SoundCloud desktop sign in and also the SoundCloud mobile sign in app. Meanwhile, all activities that are done on the website is free of charge. It doesn’t require any money or external charges. SoundCloud is just also like Audiomack, it does the activities that can be done on Audiomack also.

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Reason why users should sign in to SoundCloud Account

Some reasonable reasons on why you create a SoundCloud account will be listed below

  • Users should create an account on SoundCloud if you have any music or sounds to upload and receive people’s comment
  • In other to promote other SoundCloud user’s music or sound, users need to sign in to their SoundCloud account
  • If you love download other people’s music or sound, you need to sign in to your SoundCloud account or else you won’t be able to download music from the website
  • You want to Upload a profile picture so a friend can identify your sounds? Or you have to create an account in other to do that.
  • You want to advertise your song, sign in to your SoundCloud account so as to start your advertisement
  • Learn from your mistakes in people’s comments on your post.

All of these up listed reasons happens with SoundCloud account sign in. So, to start enjoying soundcloud, you have to create an account using the Soundcloud music upload sign in page.

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Create a SoundCloud Sign in Account

This is the past you must pass through if you want to download any music and to create an account is very easy. Meanwhile, on creating an account with the website, users can use either, Facebook, Google, and iCloud. You can create an account using any of these above accounts. steps on how to create an account with the website will be listed below

  • Launch any browser on your device 
  • Enter on your browser’s search bar
  • Select “Create Account” by the top right of the Soundcloud home page
  • Click on “Continue with Facebook” if your signing up with Facebook, if not, click on “Continue with Google” if you are using your Gmail or “Continue with apple” if you want to use an iCloud.
  • Sign in to one these up-listed account either Facebook, Google or iCloud to continues
  • After signing in to the account you choose, your information will be filled automatically in your SoundCloud profile.

These are the steps on how to create a SoundCloud account. Creating an account is very easy and it is easy to navigate without following any additional instructions. But to sign, Follow the same process of creating an account but instead of clicking “Create Account” click on “Sign in” and provide you email to sign or continue with either your Facebook or Google account.

How to Log in SoundCloud

First of all, you can use the SoundCloud sign in with Google, SoundCloud sign in with Facebook, and SoundCloud sign in Apple option to log in SoundCloud online.

Simply, visit the SoundCloud website sign in page on your web browser. Then, select the following option in which you use to create your SoundCloud account. Keep in mind, this must correspond to the option you selected SoundCloud account.


Soundcloud music upload website builds people’s studio works, musical skills and much more. Users can also download sounds or music unlimitedly on the website, there is no limit to what you can download, that’s part of what make the SoundCloud stand out as a good website. Also,  the website is legal, it doesn’t provides pirated content