Have you been wanting to come across a website that helps you upload and listen to music like Audiomack? Here I introduce SoundCloud Upload as a website that allows users to upload, review, share, and download music free of charge. Being eligible to access the SoundCloud upload page requires the availability of an account which means, users need to create an account before they can start Uploading, reviewing, sharing, and downloading music on the SoundCloud music upload website.

SoundCloud Upload - How to Upload Music to SoundCloud | SoundCloud Upload Page

However, users are not allowed to download on the SoundCloud music upload website if you are not signed in to your SoundCloud account, users are only allowed to upload your own track or music and review other user’s comment. But users who are signed in to their account on the SoundCloud music upload website are eligible to download other people’s song for free of charge.

Therefore, there are a lot to enjoy on the SoundCloud music website if you have created an account with the website successfully. Also, it builds people’s studio works, music skills and a lot more. However, SoundCloud gives an upcoming artist hope in the sense that if there is a mistake in an uploaded music, it can easily be corrected on SoundCloud music download website. So, start navigating on the Soundcloud music upload website, you have to create an account.

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How to Create Account on the SoundCloud Website?

Creating an account with the SoundCloud music upload website helps you start enjoying all the interesting things that have been listed above about the music website. without creating an account with the SoundCloud music website, you can’t download, you can only stream and share. That’s why creating an account on the website is better. Steps on how to create an account with the SoundCloud website will be listed below.

  • Launch your PC browser, Laptop browser, or android mobile browser
  • Visit the official page which is soundcloud.com on your browser
  • Click on “Create Account” by the top right of the home page
  • Click on “Continue with Facebook” if you signing up with Facebook, if not, click on “Continue with Google” if you are using your Gmail or “Continue with apple” if you want to use an iCloud.
  • After clicking any of these accounts you want to sign up with, sign to the account either Facebook, Gmail, or iCloud, and your information will be automatically filled in your profile.
  • Hence, after all these up-listed steps, then you are eligible to sign in to the Soundcloud account.

After creating an account, when next you want to use this website, no need to create an account. Just click on “Sign in” by the top right of the page and fill out the necessary info. To sign in to your SoundCloud account, your email will be needed whenever you attempt to sign in to your SoundCloud account. You can continue with either of your Facebook account, Gmail, or iCloud. Keep in mind, creating a SoundCloud account allows you to access the SoundCloud upload page to share your music to fans.

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How to Upload to SoundCloud

How to upload music to SoundCloud is simple and free. Uploading is the main reason why users visit the Soundcloud music upload website. Meanwhile, uploading music is very easy by following these below steps:

  • Click on the “Upload” button by the top right of your page
  • On getting to the uploading page, users can either select a file or drag a file,
  • Choose the file you want to upload from your device/Computer
  • Insert a title and a description about the file you are uploading
  • Enable downloads for your track if you want other Soundcloud users to be able to download your file
  • Click on upload and your file will be uploaded in a couple of minutes.

That’s how to post on SoundCloud. SoundCloud website can be visited anywhere from all over the world, and no limit to the songs you can download. So in this case, users can download as many kinds of music as they want on the SoundCloud music upload website.