Is Swagbucks App Legit and how do I download the Swagbucks App? Swagbucks is one of the most legit App on the internet that enables you to make money. According to reviews the platform has paid out over $400,000,000 to its members. It is one of the easiest and safest ways for students to earn pocket money with little or no hassle. Although Swagbucks has an official website, many online users prefer the App. This is because it is more convenient to use. Millions of people have registered as a member of the platform via the App.

Swagbucks App - Download For Android And iPhone

Furthermore, Swagbucks App is one of the most popular money-making Apps on the Google play store. When you download the App, you can easily earn gift cards and make cash from the convenience of your phone.  You just need to shop at your favorite store, discover new products, content, and services and survey on the go using the Swagbuck App on your device. And with the Swagbucks Live App, you can even earn huge cash by testing your IQ with the platform trivia games. Downloading the App on your smartphone is also one of the easiest ways to find the Swagbuck codes.

When you get the Swagbucks Code, you can also easily redeem the code using the platform mobile app. The Mobile App provides you with all the features accessible on the Swagbuck website. To download the App on your Android or iOS device check the outline below.

Swagbucks App Download

The Swagbucks App is absolutely free to download on your smartphone, and it doesn’t require you to pay a dime. All the features and benefits that are accessible on the Swagbuck website are also available on the mobile App. Swagbucks App as earlier stated is more convenient and easier to use because it will save the stress of launching your web browser every time to visit the official website of the platform. To download the App on your android and iOS devices follow the steps and guidelines below.

For Android Users

  • Open your Google Play store
  • Search for the Swagbucks App using the search bar
  • Click on the App once found
  • Tap on the install Icon
  • Launch and Open the App on your android device

For iOS Users

  • Go to the Apple Play store on your iOS device
  • Using the Search engine, Search for Swagbucks App
  • Tap on the App once found
  • Click on the Get icon
  • Then, Launch and open the App on your iOS device

After downloading the Swagbuck App on either your android or iOS device. If you are a new user of the platform, you will have to create or sign up for an account with Swagbucks. And if you already have an account you will need to login to your account. Note that, apart from the Google play store and Apple store you can also download the Swagbucks Ap from other Apk Stores like APKPure.

Swagbucks App Sign Up

You can sign up for an account with Swagbucks via their website @ and you can also sign up for an account using their mobile App. However, we will be showing steps to sign up for an account with Swagbuck via their mobile App. To sign up for an account with Swagbucks is completely free and it only requires some of your personal information. You can sign up for an account with the platform using your email address or your Facebook account. Steps on how to create an account with swag bucks via the App using your email and Facebook account will be provided below.

Using Facebook

  • Open the Swagbucks App on your device
  • Click on signup with Facebook
  • Enter the phone number or email address you use to set up an account with Facebook
  • Input your Facebook password
  • Click on continue as your Facebook username

Using Email

  • Launch the Swagbuck app your device.
  • Enter your Email Address.
  • Create a password.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Click on the sign-up button.

Then to complete the sign-up process, carefully read the terms and conditions of Swagbucks and click on “Agree” and finally tap on “Start Earning”. Immediately, your Swagbuck account will be created via the App and you will be taken to your account.

Swagbucks App Login

You can also login to your Swagbucks account via the Swagbucks website or through its mobile app. Logging into your Swagbucks account only requires your correct swag bucks login credentials. You can Login to Swagbucks using your Facebook account or Swagbucks username and password. In the meantime, to login to your Swagbuck account via the app follow the steps below,

Using Facebook

  • Tap on the Swagbucks App to open it
  • Click on login with Facebook
  • After that, you will be taken to your account

Using Email

  • Open the Swagbuck App on your device
  • Enter the email address you used to set up an account with Swagbucks
  • Then, enter your Swagbucks password
  • Tap on the Login icon to complete the process

If your Swagbucks Login credentials are correct, you will automatically be verified and granted access to your account. So, make sure to confirm your password and email address before clicking on the sign-in button.