If you have been planning on creating your own temporary email account. Then, I think you should read this article to the end. However, a temporary email is an unidentified email address that protects your real mailbox. It can also be known as a throwaway email or disposable email. On the internet today, there are several free temporary email service providers. One of such service providers is Temp mail. What is Temp mail? Temp Mail is regarded as one of the best free temporary email service providers. That enables you to create your own disposable email address for free.

Temp Mail - Create a Temporary Email Address | Temp Email

Temp Mail provides you with a temporary mail address that is free, secure, and anonymous.  It keeps your email safe from Spam and Viruses. Moreover, you don’t also need to worry about revealing your real email address to everyone as your identity is totally covered. Most online users make use of the temp mail to create fake temp mail addresses. Also, Temp email allows you to sign in to your social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc. to read incoming emails. You can also access email from your Gmail with Tempmail. However, the Temp email is self-destructed after 10 minutes.

Why Use Temp Mail?

Many online uses make use of the Temp mail as a disposable email address, because of the amazing features of the Email service provider. Temp mail is an advanced disposable email services provider which is also known as 10minutemail. You can generate an instant disposable temporary email address and also receive an email including photos or any other attachment. However, below are some other reasons why you should make use of Temp email

  • It requires no registration
  • You easily generate Disposable Email
  • It protects your privacy and Anonymity
  • Multi-language
  • You can receive multiple or Single attachments which can be downloaded from email
  • It enables you to hide from spam
  • Your emails are constantly being securely deleted forever

Also, you can make use of the Temp mail pro or premium which will offer you several upgraded features and more reasons why you should make use of the Temp temporary email service.

How to use the Temp Mail?

Meanwhile, making use of the Temp is quite easy to go about. As said earlier, you can easily access email from your Facebook, Email, and Google. Below are the steps to make use of the Temp mail email address

  • Open your device web browser
  • Visit the official website https://temp-mail.org/en/?__
  • You will need to confirm your humanity, by taking the Captcha test
  • Then, you will be redirected to the homepage
  • Temp will then generate for you a temporary email address
  • Then, you can copy your email to your Clipboard or you can share it via QR Code
  • Click on the Receive SMS Online
  • You will again the redirected to the Next page
  • Then click on the Login Button at the Top of the Page

After that, you will need to select where you want to sign in. Then, follow the rest of the prompt instructions which will be displayed on your screen.

Is TempMail Available in Mobile?

Yes, Temp Mail has a mobile App for Android and iOS users. You can access your Temporary or Disposable mail with the Help of the App. Also, the Temp Mail App provides you with all the features and functions you can access via the Website. To download the Temp mail App today, Visit your Play Store or Google Play store to do so.