Some friends are so dear to you and so distant from you. With such friends, you don’t only want to get notified only when they post something or when they drop a ‘Facebook comment’ or ‘facebook likes’ on your post. For such friends, you want to be notified when they post something or anything that does not even concerns you. Users can now Turn on Facebook Notifications for Close Friends or even anyone on Facebook.

This is more like keeping track of your close friend activities and updates with the help of Turn on Facebook Notifications for Close Friends. Once you already have a close friend list on your account you can  Turn on Facebook Notifications for that particular friend list. Facebook has given every user the option to set their notification just as they want it.

Why You Need to Turn on Facebook Notifications for Close Friends

There are so many important to Turn on Facebook Notifications for Close Friends but let’s just take a few. Just as will all know that Facebook is a social platform with over a billion users. There is a need to organize your account so you take control of what you are been notified on. By turning on Facebook Notifications for Close Friends gives you notifications update on just your friends.

For users who currently make use of Facebook keeping in touch is more like getting updates. So maybe You just wants to be close to all your close friend’s activities as much as possible. Such friends can be added to your close friend’s list which give you the ability to get notification and update on his or her activities. When they are added you will receive notifications every time they post something on their Facebook account. Here is how to add them.

How to Turn on Facebook Notifications for Close Friends

In other to turn on Facebook Notifications for close friends by default you must have a Facebook account. Once you already have one then you can Login to your account and then follow the below steps to get it done.

  1. Go to the close friend profile.
  2. Hover over Friends which is at the top of their profile.
  3. Select “Close Friends”.

You will get a notification for all the post from these friends. Also, comments and likes associated with these posts will get to you instantly. You can as well turn off the Notifications for close friends if you don’t want it anymore.