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One of the ways you can determine someone who claims to be internet savvy or a social media network enthusiast is to ask if they have a twitter account. This is so because twitter is the most popular micro blogging platform available to users all over the world. Twitter has its way of connecting people all over the world to a common interest or passion. The Twitter login process is the gateway into your twitter account.  It is one thing to go through the stress of creating a twitter account via the twitter sign up process; Twitter Login is a way for users to gain access to their created twitter account.

Twitter Login - Twitter Account Sign in

Twitter login is the next step after creating an account on the platform. It involves a user providing the username and password chosen during the sign up process to gain his or her rightful access into their account. This is just same for every platform where users are required to create an account. Twitter Login is for returning users who want to access their account. If you have sign up for an account on twitter then you need to make use of twitter Login process to access your account. There are not so much needed before someone can carry out the twitter login process. All users need to have are:

  1. Completed the twitter sign up process.
  2. Have and remember their username.
  3. Have and remember their password.
  4. An Internet enhanced device, either desktop or the mobile devices.

That is all that is needed to carry out a twitter Login process. Note that users with incorrect login details won’t be able to Login to their account. Once you are sure you have all the above listed done you can get started with the Login process.

Twitter Login – Access Your Twitter Account

The steps to login to your twitter account is one of the easiest and fastest task a user can be up against. All they need to do is. If you have the mobile app or a web browser let’s get started.

  1. Log on the official twitter account on www.twitter.com and click on sign in.
  2. Better still, they could visit www.twitter.com/login which will direct them straight to the sign in section on Twitter.
  3. Enter your email address or your phone number depending on the one you used during twitter sign up.
  4. Provide your password and Click “Log in”

You are ready to explore twitter thereby doing tweets, retweets, follow and read news from all your followers. It is worthy of note that Twitter login process into a twitter account can be done from both desktop computers or laptops as well as from your mobile devices. For those that will always want to sign in using their mobile device, it is advisable to get the twitter app from either the google play store (if the mobile device is an android) or the App Store ( if the mobile device is an Apple device). After download and installation on any of these devices, users will be able to sign in to their accounts anytime and anywhere on the go.