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The Twitter logo is the blue bird that is always seen at the top center of every user’s twitter page. The Twitter logo is very this and serious to Twitter. Just like most companies that have copyrights around their brand and logo, the same is true for Twitter. The bluebird that represents twitter’s logo is not one to joke with as twitter is always poised to take legal steps to make sure no infringement is accepted. Do not be deceived by the fact that Twitter is a public social network that is open to the general public and thinks that things could be taken for granted.

Twitter Logo - Twitter Brand Resources

Due to the fact that it is a public social network, there is every tendency that the members of the public might want to abuse some parts of Twitter especially the logo, and as such twitter had put some rules and regulations on ground with some very strong legal implications. Larry, as the Twitter bird is called is a very serious part of the twitter community. For no reason should anyone decide to with change its color from the usual light blue to another color.

Twitter Logo – The face of Twitter

Every company has a logo which serves as its face to the general public. The Twitter logo, a light blue bird tells everyone anywhere in the world that a piece or connection is twitter based by just seeing that logo. There is no twitter page be it desktop or mobile that you will visit without seeing this blue bird logo.

Rules and Regulations Binding the Twitter Logo

  1. You are not allowed to change its color. It’s either blue or white, no more.
  2. You may not claim to use the twitter logo claiming you have an affiliation with them if you do not.
  3. Even when you make reference to the logo by downloading it, it should not be rotated or placed upside down.
  4. You may not place the twitter logo on the cover of your book or on your door post. No allowed.
  5. You may not use the Twitter logo as a background on your phone or computer.
  6. You may not use the Twitter logo as a promotional tool for your business. If Twitter does not have any affiliation with you, don’t force it by making the logo bigger or larger than your own company’s logo.

By abiding by all these simple and straightforward rules. Users are sure to enjoy all the beneficial features associated with Twitter without unnecessarily getting the backlash from Twitter.