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Twitter is one of the biggest social media reporting networks around the world right now. It is majorly known for its short messages system where users compose short messages that they put up on their twitter feeds for all their followers to see. These messages are limited to only 280 characters and the short messages are known as Tweets. The Twitter news is one of the numerous features that are available on Twitter.

Twitter News - Twitter News Stories Section

Asides the fact that a user can just tweet on a random topic, the twitter news really buttresses the main feature of Twitter. There are some schools of thoughts that refer to Twitter as an amateur news reporting system. The Twitter news section consists of what users are posting on the platform. Just as you log in to your account you find a feed for all content that is been posted.

Features of Twitter News Section

Twitter has been mentioned earlier had to do with sending short and instant messages to followers. The Twitter news is the aspect of Twitter where users show their news reporting skills. Here the limit on the characters to be posted does not change, it is still 280 characters. That means that Twitter news has to do with reporting a particular situation as news as short as possible. Here are the areas

  • Sport news.
  • Politics.
  • Education news.
  • Weather forecast.
  • Terrorist news.
  • Entertainment news, amongst others.

Upon twitter sign up, users are asked to signify the area of their interest. So a user who has always wanted to use the twitter news platform would select news so that Twitter will suggest interesting users in the news category whom they can follow. Upon following these interesting Twitter users, they would be able to get enough news Tweets as it pertains to their interest.

Users can also decide to be the reporter of twitter news. All they need to do is put up characters of a news event and tweet on their profile. Everyone who follows such user will be able to read their tweets at a glance. For example, we could get twitter news from Iran about a terrorist attack. Tweets from Pakistan could come in as Twitter news concerning the situation of war in that country. For the sports lovers, Tweets could flood in from the location of a World Cup event. All these makeup twitter news.

Importance of Twitter News

The Twitter news has a lot of importance. The list below suggests some of this importance:

  1. Users can connect with other users who are interested in the news in question.
  2. There could be several retweets by other users which will turn lead to the virility of a user’s account.
  3. Information will be passed as fast as possible.
  4. Notices of an upcoming national disaster can become trending on twitter. This will help avert or prepare lots of people for this time.
  5. The world will be better informed about situations all around the world.

There is also some News page on Twitter users can follow to stay updated. Just like the likes of BBC News account you can follow their account and stay updated with their news update. This is just a way to bring your news to you on your favorite social media platform.