When you are in need of a ride, what the first app that comes to your mind? For most people, it’s going to be the Uber App. This is because Uber is one of the largest rides sharing applications on the internet and many people are turning to it as an alternative to traditional taxis. Uber Technologies Inc. was founded in March 2009 and has its headquarters in San Francisco. With the Uber app, you can get connected with nearby professional drivers who provide rides in their private vehicles. The Uber App is a great way to make all your Travel plans stress-free.

Uber App - Download For Android and iOS | Sign Up With Uber

Furthermore, Uber has provided many people access to employment through their mobile App. The App also made it easier for people to get to their destination without hassle and at a little cost. All you need to do is to submit a trip request and it will be automatically sent to an uber driver nearby. The Uber app automatically figures out the navigational route for the driver, calculates the distance and fare, and transfers the payment to the driver from your selected payment method. The app is available for over 10,000 cities worldwide and can be used anytime and anywhere. Uber is available for Google Android, Apple iOS, and as a web App.

Why use the Uber App?

Uber App provides you with many amazing features, there are countless reasons why you should make use of the Uber App. It enables you to find a ride from almost anywhere. You can request a ride from 600+ airports and in 10,000+ cities around the world. With the App, you can find a ride to almost anywhere, whether you are looking for style, space, or affordability the app can find the perfect ride to fit your need. You even get to enjoy a premium and elegant feature with uber black.

Another reason why you should make use of the App is that Uber provides you with a safe trip and one of the best customer service experiences. In addition to the uber Door to Door safety Standard, a new safety feature has been added. You can now share your location and trip status with your friends and family and also contact emergency services via the App. With Uber, your destination is at your fingertip.

How to Download the Uber App

The Uber App is available for mobile users (Android and iOS users). Downloading the app on your mobile device enables you to easily access the platform anytime and anywhere. The process of downloading the uber on your mobile device is very much easy to go about and it won’t even take up your storage. Below are the processes to download the Uber App on your Android and Apple iOS;

  • Visit your Google Play store or Apple Store
  • Search for the Uber App
  • Tap on the search result
  • Click on the Install or Get icon

Finally, launch and open the app on your mobile device. Now you can proceed to create or sign up an account with Uber via the App

Uber Account Sign Up

To sign up for an account with Uber is the only way to you can start using the App on your device. Meanwhile, you can signup for an account with Uber via their Web App. But in this part of the article, we will be looking at how to sign up for an account with Uber via the App. Below are the steps to follow;

  • Open the Uber app on your device
  • Click on the Get started
  • Enter mobile number
  • Or connect with your Facebook or Google Account
  • A 4-digit verification code will be sent to your device
  • Enter the code and click on next
  • Then, enter first and Last name and click on next

After that, read the terms and conditions of uber and click on the Agree icon to complete your sign-up process with Uber. Now you can start making use of the app to get connected to all the nearby drivers around you.