Unblock Facebook Friends – Unblock all My Facebook Friends Block

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Unblock Facebook Friends – Unblock Friends on Facebook
Friends are what makes Facebook pretty interesting. The fact that you can find and locate list old friends, meet new friends and involve them in your life by adding them to your friend’s list is what makes Facebook really fun. As good as adding friends to your friend’s list sounds like a pretty idea, it is not always pretty with Facebook friends.

Unblock Facebook Friends - Unblock all My Facebook Friends Block

You will agree with me that some of your friends have once been blocked at some points in time. However, to unblock Facebook friends is to give such blocked Facebook friends a fair and fresh start to prove that they can behave themselves better. Some of the reasons why you could have blocked Facebook users in the past might include but not limited to the following:

  • Personal reasons. Maybe you just do not like seeing or hearing anything from them anymore so you blocked them.
  • Security issues. Maybe you discovered that you aren’t safe anymore by having this friend to remain on your friend’s list.
  • If abusive contents are always received from this friend.
  • If your personal information is always been used by this friend to your own profile.

All these above listed and so much more are some of the reasons why users decide to block Facebook friends. However, since no man is an island and we are all prone to making mistakes at some points in our life, users find themselves convinced that they should unblock Facebook friends that had been previously blocked.

Reasons to Unblock Facebook Friends.

I we be talking on some of the reasons why users can decide to unblock Facebook friends that had been previously blocked.

  • If there is a noticeable change in the behavior of the blocked Facebook friend.
  • When such blocked Facebook friend calls you to acknowledge that they had been wrong in the past and are willing to change for the better.
  • When user had decided to edit settings such that some sensitive updates will get to all other Facebook friends except the previously Facebook friend.

How to Unblock Facebook Friends.

Here are the steps needed to be taken to successfully unblock Facebook Friend that had been initially blocked:

  • Go to your profile.
  • On the top corner (if a website on a desktop computer or laptop) or at the bottom (if mobile device). Click on “Explore”
  • Under Explore, click on settings.
  • Under settings, scroll down to see the folder “Blocked people”
  • Click on “Block People” to reveal the names of all your Facebook friends that had been blocked.
  • Select the name of the friend that you want to unblock and click on “Unblock contact”.
  • You will be asked for a confirmation question if you are sure you want to unblock such friends. Click Yes.

With this, you have unblocked Facebook friend. Note that once you unblock Facebook Friend. You will need to wait for the next 48 hours if you wish to block them again. In other words, you can not just unblock a friend right now and decide to block them back immediately. Facebook requires all users to wait an extra 48 hours before the blocking process can be done.

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