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Unfriend on facebook means removing a user from your friend list for some time. If you need to get away from someone who’s abusive, annoying, or even dangerous, you should do it abruptly, completely, and permanently. Halfway measures potentially just prolong and complicate the process.  unfriend on facebook is to easy for a user to end the chat with another user, rather than block the user on the platform.

Unfriend on Facebook - Unfriend Facebook Friends | Facebook Unfriending

Facebook has given every user access to choose whoever they want to be on their friend. Unfriend on Facebook don’t actually receive a notification telling them they’ve been unfriended, chances are they’ll likely notice that you’re no longer listed among their friends. Additionally, they’ll probably notice your posts are nowhere to be. Unfriend on Facebook means that you are tired of what the user is posting or commenting on your profile.

It might be the user have been posting false information and it makes you sick. If you can just unfriend them, they can still stalk you, see what you’re posting, and contact you, perhaps to bother you with questions as to why you unfriended them. Since they can still read your posts, and view your activities, they can gossip about you, quote you, and know about everything you post online

How to unfriend on Facebook.

Facebook has given all exciting user the access to unfriend any friend on their list if the person is doing what a particular user doesn’t like, and don’t want to have a conversation with the particular user again for the main time. It might also be that you have too much of friend on the platform. These are the steps;

  • Visit the web networking facebook.com on your devices.
  • Search for the particular user you want to unfriend on the search box at the top of your Facebook homepage.
  • Click on the name appear on your Facebook page.
  • Click on friend box on the side of the cover picture.
  • Then scroll down and click on unfriend at the down part of the friend box.

After following the instruction given to you, you have successful unfriend the particular you don’t want to have a conversation with anymore. Once you have unfriended a user, if at some point you have your mind, you are going to have to send the user that unfriend previously a friend request back.