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Nevertheless, all Facebook games come with free installation or instant access to amazing games without a requirement for payment. But inside the section of the same, there is some feature that requires a payment method. Perhaps when it comes to generating more life or buy point. However, there are lots of in-app purchase games that you’ve to pay before you can install the games. Therefore, the Facebook Game Credits is payment method known as a virtual currency that allows people to purchase in-game purchase and non-gaming apps on the Facebook Platform.

Facebook Game Credits - What Games Can I Use Facebook Credits on | Facebook Credits

On the contrary, the Facebook Game Credits is currently accessible in approximately 15 currencies which includes currency like U.S. dollars. Pound Sterling, as well as Danish Kroner. Based on the aspects of the Games Credits, the virtual currency was launched in May 2009 which as an official subsidiary in other to operate payment to the site commonly referred to as Facebook Payment, Inc. Learn more about the game credits with the provided outlines below.

Overview of the Facebook Game Credits Payment System

Currently, Facebook Payment, Inc is also known as the Facebook payment system made it more convenient and suitable for people to purchase the Virtual Currency. When you buy the Facebook credits it simply means that you bought a new form of payment method which can be used anywhere on Facebook features. Whenever you purchase Facebook game credits, Facebook is paid and when you spend it on games. Then the owner of the gaming application you actually spent your money on also get paid as well and that is how the Facebook game credits works.

What Can you use the Facebook Game Credits for or Purchase on the Social Media Platform?

At the first time, the Facebook Game Credits happen to be one of the means in which Facebook was able to generate income without resorting to ads or requiring a payment method in other to use Facebook. Once, you’ve redeemed your credit card, you can use that to buy the following:

  • You can use it to purchase points to play Facebook games.
  • To purchase e-greeting cards.
  • As well as buy virtual items for your virtual Facebook games.
  • You can use it to develop your avatars, buy virtual pets, and virtual homes.

In summary, with the Facebook Game Credit, you can use it to increase the levelness of your score or increase the progress of your game. All well as buy life, more coin and also more that require payment on Facebook games to play or compete with friends.

How to Purchase the Facebook Game Credits and Process to Facebook Credits Redeem Now

In case you’re wondering where to purchase the Facebook game credits. Well in addition to the aspects of purchasing game credits within Facebook. There is a various number of online and office channels where you can actually earn or buy credits.

How To Purchase

  • As Gift cards- Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Radio Shack, GameStop, and Safeway and also other online stores in various countries.
  • Rixty offers you an option to earn the game credits by purchasing a Rixty gift card with cash or coins from their store and then convert it to Facebook credits.
  • Also, Shopkick allows you to get a game credit by accessing into their store using an iPhone or Android application.

To Redeem Facebook Game Credits

  • Go to www.facebook.com/gamecards
  • Then click Redeem Code in the middle of the page.
  • Next, you can enter your Facebook game card code or digital pin code in the text box.
  • Lastly, click Redeem.

Finally, after redeeming your game credits, you can begin using your credit to purchase whatever games or coin you want to buy. However, you can check your balance with the link secure.facebook.com/settings?tab=payments to see how much is remaining in your account. 

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