How can I access WhatsApp using a web browser or how can I use WhatsApp on my computer? Probably you’ve heard about the WhatsApp web either from your friends, but you don’t how it works.  It is no doubt that WhatsApp is one the most used social media services in the world. Presently, WhatsApp has more than two billion monthly users and it is the most popular messaging app. This platform was mainly built for messaging and it has helped to improved messaging service in the world. However, WhatsApp is owned by Facebook as it was acquired by the tech giant in 2014. In the meantime, WhatsApp simply provides its users an opportunity to use its service on a desktop computer.

WhatsApp Web - Use WhatsApp on Your Desktop | WhatsApp Web Login

You can use WhatsApp online on your desktop computer by linking the account with your smartphone. On WhatsApp web, you can chat with your WhatsApp friends, make voice and video calls just like you would do on the WhatsApp app on mobile devices. In simple terms, wsp web is a WhatsApp version that works on a desktop with your existing WhatsApp account. While using WhatsApp desktop, you don’t need to check several times because all the things you do on WhatsApp online will appear on your mobile device as well.

WhatsApp Web Desktop

In the meantime, WhatsApp has both web and desktop app hence making it possible to be updated with all your WhatsApp messages throughout the day. WhatsApp web and the desktop app for windows work the same way the WhatsApp app on your smartphones. If you have an existing WhatsApp account, you can download WhatsApp web Apk to your computer by using this link. And if you don’t want to download wsp web App, simply use the web version at WhatsApp desktop is an extension of WhatsApp on your mobile device. It displays all the chats and messages you have on the WhatsApp app on your smartphone and allows you to view them and reply to them all on a desktop computer.

In other words, you can see exactly what is going on in your WhatsApp world on a computer without having to bring out your phone. W app web requires you to scan a QR code on your PC using your smartphones. With this, you can access your WhatsApp messages and conversations. Immediately you scan this code, you can put keep your phone and start using WhatsApp desktop.

Wsp web

Wsp web is just a version of WhatsApp that you can use on your computer. The messages you send and received are synced between your phone and computer. This means you can see messages on both devices. On the Wsp web, you can send texts, start new chats and search your current conversations. Besides, you’ll also have access to your profile, make voice and video calls. On the contrary, WhatsApp pc does not offer the same functionality as WhatsApp for mobile devices when it comes to settings. But its responding and starting new chats are actually the same.

WhatsApp Web Video Call

As stated earlier, you can make a video call on the WhatsApp desktop just like you do on the smartphone app. You can make free video calls to your contacts if you already have the WhatsApp web app installed on your computer. Users can use Wsp web video calls on Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and newer and macOS 10.13 and newer. To do WhatsApp online video call,

  • Your computer must have a camera.
  • You need an audio output device and microphone for voice and video calls.
  • A strong internet connection is needed on your computer and phone. Though the call will not go through your phone, it needs to be online to establish the call.
  • A microphone and audio output are needed for the WhatsApp browser.
  • Grant WhatsApp permission to access your desktop microphone and camera.

However, you cannot do group on WhatsApp desktop presently.

How to use WhatsApp Desktop | WhatsApp Web Login

To use Wsp web on your computer, follow the steps below;

  • Visit on your computer.
  • Then open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • At the top left of your WhatsApp page, click Settings and select WhatsApp web.
  • On your computer screen, you will see a QR code. Set your phone on the code and capture it.

Then WhatsApp will start working on your desktop instantly.