What is the new Hotmail domain or is www.hotmail.com still active? Several Hotmail users have been finding it difficult to access their Hotmail login ever since it was changed to Outlook. Hotmail as we know is one of Microsoft products and it is one of the oldest and best email service providers in the world. Even before the inception of Yahoo, Hotmail has been in existence and it has really been helpful in the aspect of communication. However, many still wonder if they can create an email address using www.hotmail.com or if they can login to their account using the Hotmail domain. Whatever the case may be, this article got you covered.

www.hotmail.com - Create New Hotmail Account | Outlook Sign In

For newbies who are willing to create a Hotmail account or login using www.hotmail.com, the domain is still very active. The only thing is that Hotmail has been rebranded to Outlook. Thus, if you visit www.hotmail.com either on your mobile device or computer, you will be redirected to the new Hotmail domain which is www.outlook.com.

Meanwhile, Hotmail remains the same as before despite the change in its name. Both Hotmail and Outlook are the same thing. The only obvious change in this emailing service is its user interface and domain name. Hotmail has been serving tons of users across the globe for more than two decades. Hotmail was launched in 1996 but in 2012 it was changed and rebranded to Outlook.

Can I Create An Outlook Account Via www.hotmail.com

Definitely Yes! This is totally possible. As stated earlier, the only change in this Microsoft product is its name. Existing Hotmail users can still sign in to their Hotmail account using the new Hotmail domain. Besides, those who are willing to create a new Hotmail account can sign up using the www.hotmail.com domain which is @hotmail.com. Although Microsoft permits new users to create an Outlook account using the Outlook domain which is @outlook.com. You can use the previous domain if you want to. Therefore, irrespective of what your email address ends with, you are using the same emailing service and you’ll get to enjoy the same features.

On the contrary, Microsoft’s new emailing service Outlook is a freemium webmail service. This means that it provides users with a basic plan and a premium plan as well. When you go premium on www.hotmail.com, you can enjoy all the premium benefits and advanced features of Hotmail. Outlook is meant for both personal and business purposes. The premium plan offers special benefits like no ads, advanced protection, and also create a personalized email address. If you already have an account, you can get started on premium today as it only costs $59.99/year for 1 person and $79.99/year.

How to Create an Outlook Account With www.hotmail.com Domain

Creating a Hotmail account is pretty just like other webmail services. When you sign-up with Outlook, you can send and receive emails to friends and families anywhere in the world. One thing that makes Outlook stand out among other email services is that it is best for multiple app integrations. Also, it offers a mailbox storage of 15GB. You can create a Hotmail account on www.hotmail.com using your device browser. Follow the guidelines below to create an account;

  • On your device browser, visit www.hottmail.com which will redirect you to the new Outlook.com.
  • Click on the ‘’Create free account’’ link on the homepage.
  • The sign-up page will appear on the next page at the center of the screen.
  • Enter your new email on the field provided and back it up with a domain. You can use @outlook.com or @hotmail.com.
  • On the next page, enter a password you would like to use with your account.

Follow the on-screen instructions from there and create your new Outlook account. Microsoft webmail service offers its users two types of accounts which are @hotmail.com and @outlook.com. You can select your desired domain by clicking the dropdown button on the email address field.

Outlook Sign In

Once you’ve signed up for a Hotmail account or if you already have a Hotmail account, you can also login to your account using www.hotmail.com. Logging in to Outlook is very much easy either on your phone or computer. Sign in using the simple steps below;

  • Visit the Outlook.com on your device browser.
  • Tap ‘’Sign in’’ at the top right of the homepage.
  • Enter your email address or phone number, and click next.
  • Input your login password on the next page and tap Sign in

If your login details are correct, Microsoft will successfully sign in to your account. Then you will be taken to your Outlook inbox. To avoid logging in again anytime you want to access your account, tick the box near ‘’Keep me signed in’’.

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