Yahoo mail is an email processing platform, it is considered as one of the best email service providers, making people send messages for free. Yahoo services can be enjoyed by only registered members. You need to have an account with Yahoo mail platform before you can access its free email services.

Yahoo Mail - How to Create New Yahoo Account | Yahoo Mail Sign up

You can access the Yahoo mail from either a Computer or mobile device. Users can start the process by going to Yahoo’s official website and choosing the Sign-Up option.

Requirements for Signing Up for a Yahoo Email Account

Signing up for a Yahoo mail account is pretty easy. All you need to do is to meet up with Yahoo’s terms and conditions by getting in place some required information needed to sign up for an account on the Yahoo site. Here are the required information needed to sign up an account;

  1. Full Name: Your name is used for your identity on the platform, it is collected to create a membership profile on the platform. This name appears to other Yahoo users when you send message to them.
  2. Email: A new email ID needs to be formed, submitted to the platform and then Yahoo verifies the email ID to know if it has not been taken by someone else. You can as well provide an existing email address from another email service provider like Gmail. Yahoo supports using an existing email address as your Yahoo email ID. On the Yahoo registration page, you will see “I want to Use my current email address” option. In this case your phone number isn’t needed, all verification processes are done through the email address.
  3. Phone Number: Your Phone number is required for your Yahoo account verification. It is also needed to recover email login password just in case you lost your login password.
  4. Gender: This is completely optional.
  5. Date of Birth: Your birthday is another information needed on the platform to own a Yahoo mail account. In some cases, providing the right date of birth information corresponding with the one initially provided during the registration of the account can help in recovering a Yahoo mail login information if forgotten.

How to Create a Yahoo Mail Account

Creating a Yahoo mail account is free, fast and accessible. To benefit from the unique features Here are the steps on how to start up a registration on Yahoo mail

  1. Visit the Yahoo site or
  2. Locate the Create an Account option and click on it
  3. A registration page will appear. Fill in your full name in the Full name and Last name space
  4. Next, choose the user ID of your choice. A user ID you will always remember. For example; or, etc.
  5. Create a Password that you can’t forget. Make sure your password is not easy to guess by other people. Your password is the access point to your email account.
  6. Then the next is to confirm your registration by using the verification code sent to your phone number by Yahoo.

After the verification process then click on the Create Account button. Here you are, congratulation! You now own a Yahoo mail account.