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Yahoo mail is known to be the third most popular email services used, making its users able to receive and send messages globally at a go. Millions of users all over the world carry out their Yahoo mail login every day. You can carry out your Yahoo mail login from either your mobile device or your computer. However, before carrying out your Yahoo sign in login, you will to need to start by visiting the official Yahoo website. Next, you must have gotten a registered Yahoo ID for your email account on Yahoo platform. Once all these are done, then you can carry on with your Yahoo mail login and check your email(s).

Yahoo Mail Login - Login Into Yahoo Mail Account | Yahoo Mail Sign In Login

In this article, I’ll be explaining how to carry out a successful Yahoo mail login. Let’s assume you’ve actually signed up for a Yahoo mail account. But, if you are not registered, simply follow the step on how to create a Yahoo mail account by visiting the official site www.yahoomail.com which is the link to Yahoo mail registration page or yahoo mail signup/sign in page. Click on sign up and fill in the required information on the registration page to create a verified Yahoo mail account.

How to Login Into Yahoo Mail Account

After you’ve successfully done your Yahoo mail sign up, and you are finding it difficult to login to your Yahoo account. Don’t waste much time any longer in getting that done, you’ve gotten yourself into the right page. Just follow the steps on how to carry out your Yahoo mail login;

  1. Firstly, launch the web browser of your choice. It can be Google chrome, Mozilla firefox, safari, etc.
  2. On the search bar of your browser which is located at the top, input Yahoo’s URL which is https://login.yahoo.com, then hit the enter key. In few seconds you will see the Yahoo login page and sign up displaying on your screen. In those days. Yahoo mail login page is accessed by visiting www.yahoomail.com and the Ymail login page is accessed by www.ymail.com. However, these two alternative addresses should all now re-direct users to the modern https://login.yahoo.com.
  3. At the Yahoo mail login page, you are going to see a blank box displaying on your screen. We have the Yahoo mail ID space which is also your Username space. Simply input your username correctly in the specified box, then click Next.
  4. Finally, on the next page, a blank box will be displayed which is meant for your Yahoo mail password. Input your password correctly and then click the Login button located below.

While inputting your Yahoo password, there is a help option provided beside the password box which says ‘Show Password’. This option helps in making your password visible while inputting it. If your Yahoo login details are entered correctly, then you will gain access to your Yahoo account.

How to Recover a Forgotten Yahoo Username and Password

If it happens that you’ve forgotten your Yahoo mail login username or password, you don’t need to worry much, you can possibly access it again. All you need to do is visit the main login page, from there locate the option labelled ‘Forgotten password’ or ‘Forgotten username’ at the bottom of the page and click on it. You’ll be directed to Login Helper which is another section on the Yahoo site. This section helps in recovering a username or resetting a password.

  1. Next, you will be asked to either input your Yahoo email address, your recovery phone number.
  2. Or your recovery email address connected to this current yahoo address. It all depends on whether you are trying to recover a username or password.
  3. Simply input these required details in the specified field.
  4. Click Continue and then follow the procedures to gain access to your Yahoo mail account again.
  5. All these are required in order to speedily recover your Yahoo mail login username or password.

Once you’ve gained back access to your Yahoo mail account, you can now change your Yahoo mail password manually to avoid the same mistake from repeating itself. You can carry out this by going to your Yahoo mail ‘Account Security’ settings. From this stage, just follow the simple steps provided to change your password.