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Yahoo mail register is process mainly for new members who wants to have a yahoo mail account. One of the benefits of having this platform is that you can send and receive messages even in your comfort zone and even communicate with friends and family.  The steps in registering on the yahoo mail is simple and easy. It can be done on mobile phones, tablets and PC.

Yahoo Mail Register - Steps to Register a Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo is an email provider that gives access to news feed, calendar, address book, notepad section, and games. A yahoo mail however comes with a free @yahoo.com email address. Yahoo accounts can be used to manage other email accounts like Gmail and outlook from within the yahoo mail. And can as well configure auto-replies when you are away. For new yahoo mail users, opening a yahoo account allows you enjoy other benefits like a free 1 TB storage.

Steps to Register a Yahoo Mail Account

For new users who wants to open a yahoo mail account. I will be sharing some steps so it makes it easier for you to register.  However, be aware that the Yahoo mail follows a strict privacy policy that guarantees complete safety. So you don’t have to be worried about your account being hacked. follow the steps below to register on yahoo.

Step1. Go to the link yahoo.com and click on the sign in button on the top right corner.

Step2.  Click on the create account option.

Step3.   Enter all personal details you want to use in creating your    account, then press continue.

Step4    you will be asked to verify your phone number on the next page, click on Text me a  verification code  to continue.

Step5.    Then enter the verification code you received on your phone        number.

Step6.   After it has been verified, you will be taken to the next page that will display a congratulation message, press continue to start using your yahoo account.                                                                            

Notice to all newly registered yahoo mail users.

  • Make sure to protect the security code with you.
  • Keep a unique username and password, I will advise that you use letters and alphabet when deciding a password to avoid quick guess.
  • Never disclose private information online, try not to put your private life online it could be dangerous and unsafe.