Ymail, also known as Yahoo mail is a free email service owned and provided by Yahoo to users to login to their Yahoo account to send and receive emails from friends and families. As a user of Yahoo mail, you can login to your Yahoo account to access several Yahoo features. Meanwhile, Yahoo mail is an email service owned by a California-based company [Yahoo] which is a subsidiary of Verizon media. Yahoo mail offers several benefits and it is available in different languages. Presently, Yahoo is one of the most popular email services as it has over 225 million active users per month.

Ymail Login - Login Your Yahoo Mail Account | Ymail Sign In

As a Yahoo mail user, you can login to your account via a web browser or via the Yahoo mail app. The Ymail login portal is a feature hosted by Yahoo. With this feature, registered Ymail users can login to their Yahoo mail account. This means if you are not registered on Yahoo, you cannot do the Yahoo mail sign-in process. When you sign in to Yahoo mail, you’ll enjoy a lot of things. One of them is that the Ymail sign-in allows you to access all other Yahoo products. Different Yahoo products like Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Messenger, and other Yahoo products.

Besides, there are several ways to login into your Ymail account. You can simply use your mobile number if you added it to your account. But to login via your mobile number, you will need a request code sent to your phone before you can log in. Immediately, your account is logged in, you can pull up extra security measures to make sure your account is secured. However, you need to buy a USB key to plug into your computer to make use of the security key.

How To Login Your Ymail Account

Ymail login is also the same as signing in to your Yahoo mail account. So, you don’t have to get confused with this. Logging in to Yahoo is quite easy and similar to that of other email services. Hence, you can sign in to Ymail by following the guidelines below;

  • Launch a web browser on your mobile device and visit the current Ymail login page.
  • Once you’re able to access the page, you will see the sign in page placed at the left part.
  • You will see an empty field on that page. Enter your username, email or mobile on the field provided.
  • Then click on the blue ‘Next’ button.
  • On the next page, enter your Yahoo password on the field provided.
  • After that, hit the ‘Next’ button below.

With that, your yahoo mail inox will appear and you can start sending and receiving emails from families and friends. Also, when you login to your Ymail account you can receive emails from social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.